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Gareth is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. graduate of the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH), researching the intersection of artistic practice, human-computer interaction (HCI), and extended-reality (XR) technology. His academic interests have grown from a life-long passion for technology-mediated creativity, as applied in multiple disciplines and co-creative media contexts. Haptics, audio, and visual stimuli, all subsets of human psychophysical experiences in virtual realities, are the focus of much of his research in exploring human experiences of digitally mediated creative practice and the tools applied in conceptualizing and realizing artistic works.

These interests took root upon completing his undergraduate in Sound and Broadcast engineering (2003-2007) and moving to Ireland to complete an MSc. in Music Technology (2007-2008). While working as a sound engineer for many years, he grew to understand that the design, prototype, and evaluation of emergent instruments and platforms have great potential for the benefit of teaching and artistic practice. Subsequently, he won a 4-year DAH-Ph.D. scholarship (2011–15) to explore the impact of modality on art practices. Since graduating from the DAH program, supervised in the School of Computer Science and the Music Department at UCC, he then worked on an academic postdoctoral career track pursuing a permanent faculty position.

Following his graduation in 2016, Gareth joined the Building City Dashboards project at the National Centre for Geocomputation at Maynooth University to research multimodal data visualization techniques. Specifically, he was responsible for assessing the design effectiveness of city dashboard tools and examining alternative and multimodal platforms. He also contributed his passion for gaming and expertise in HCI and design evaluation to newly emergent extended-reality projects. In 2019, He was recruited as a postdoctoral research fellow on the V-SENSE project in the Dept. of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. In this role, he focused on the practice of designing, creating, and evaluating software for XR technology. After V-SENSE ended, Gareth briefly joined SpheryStream and then TRANSMIXR as a senior postdoctoral research fellow before becoming Assistant Professor (Graphics and Vision) in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin in 2022.

Gareth enjoys working as a creative technologist within Computer Science as multidisciplinary research contributes unique perspectives, and analysis of this type produces more exciting and innovative outputs. You can read more about Gareth’s work and follow his personal adventures on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Further publication details can be found via the menu above or on ORCID (ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-8763-4668), Google Scholar, and ResearchGate.