Profile PictureAs a postdoctoral research fellow on the V-SENSE project, Gareth’s current research focuses on the evaluation of creative uses of cross-reality (XR) technology by applying both quantitative and qualitative human-computer interaction (HCI) evaluation techniques. This includes studying the design and use of XR technology in creative practices, focusing on the interface between users and the XR platform. Gareth’s role is to observe and record how users interact with XR and design new methods that allow users to interact with XR in innovative and novel ways. Topics of exploration focus on the use of XR and volumetric video (VV) in cultural heritage, such as film, theater, and performance practice from the perspectives of both practitioners and the audience. The role of immersive content creation in mediated perspective-taking experiences of creative storytelling content is also investigated, including the use of XR as an ‘empathy making machine’ by facilitating perspective-taking and allowing users to experience another person’s circumstances. Other duties include investigating the role of XR in the delivery of educational content in the context of higher education, research, and artistic practice and the influences of immersion and presence on the overall experiences of students.

Before joining V-SENSE, Gareth worked as a postdoctoral researcher on the Building City Dashboards project in the National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG) at Maynooth University. In this role, he was responsible for assessing the design effectiveness of city dashboard tools and examining alternative and multimodal platforms. He also contributed his passion for gaming and his expertise in HCI and design evaluation to the projects augmented and virtual reality research projects.

Gareth is a graduate of the Digital Arts and Humanities Structured Doctor of Philosophy programme delivered at University College Cork, Ireland (2016). While exploring human-computer interaction, haptics, and digital musical instruments, he was active in both the School of Computer Science and the Department of Music at UCC. These topics of interest stemmed from his Master of Science degree in Music Technology from Dundalk Institute of Technology (2009) and his Bachelor of Engineering undergraduate honours degree in Sound and Broadcast Engineering from Glyndwr University (2007). Gareth is a seasoned sound engineer, part-time digital artist, casual composer, and avid gamer. Throughout his career he has been driven towards creative technology, having successfully designed, prototyped, and formally evaluated several custom interfaces by applying multiple design strategies to his creative process.

You can read more about Gareth’s work and follow his personal adventures on social media: Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram. Further publication details can be found via the menu above or via ORCID (ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-8763-4668), Google Scholar, and ResearchGate.

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