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Why come to DRHA Dublin 2015?

I am pleased to announce that “U – Modified” (an audiovisual collaboration with Siobhan Mannion & Sara Wentworth) will be included in this year’s DRHA conference in Dublin on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015.

You can catch U – Modified in the The Hub DCU Student Centre between 14:00 and 16:00. The original 10 minute found sounds and extended vocal techniques composition has been further refined and expanded to include visualisations reflective of the themes that were developed for the live performance at the INTIME symposium in 2014.


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Hilltown New Music Festival

I have composed a 7:00 minute new-musical number that shall be a part of the open call for audio recordings at the Hilltown New Music Festival. Myself and James O’Sullivan (josullivan.org) addressed the call for works relating/responding to Pierre Schaeffer’s statement of “Sound is the vocabulary of nature.” We created a tag-team extravaganza of poetry and sound that can be experienced here:
Afternoon Walk

For more information on the festival, click here:

Hilltown New Musical Festival.

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