Digital Projects

“U” – modified (2014-15)

Experimentation and transformation are facets of the dream-like narrative evoked in the fixed tape performance of “U”. The found sounds of this composition are further modified by the addition of advanced vocal techniques provided by voice (Mannion) and the surreal visual constructs that are passively observed in everyday life (Wentworth). The senses operate within this arrangement in the construct of a surreal plateau of looped and tangential narratives that serve to mix reality with dream. Through the aural overlap and evaluation of visual themes the audience is led to establish their own storyline from past experiences and memories.

  • G. W. Young, S. Mannion, and S. Wentworth, “U – modified,” a fixed media installation at the Int. Conf. of Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA), Dublin, 2015, pp. 48 – 49.
  • G. W. Young and S. Mannion, “U – modified,” performed live at the Interrogations into Music Experimentation (INTIME) Symp., Coventry University, Coventry, UK, 2014.

C.A.V.E. – Cork Audio Visual Ensemble (2014)

C.A.V.E. was an ensemble from the School of Music and Theatre, University College Cork, Ireland. The Cork Audio Visual Ensemble was a technology-based group consisting of between six to ten performers, under the direction of Jeffrey Weeter and Derek Foott, working to explore the musicality of technology through performance and computer processing. The C.A.V.E. performers were: Jason Shannon, Eric Browne, Sara Wentworth, Gareth Young, Flannery Cunningham, Morgan D’Arcy, and Eamon Ivri. A C.A.V.E. module has been introduced at UCC as a performance course that aims to develop and expand the performance ability and experience of its members as a computer music group.

  • C.A.V.E. – Cork Audio Visual Ensemble, performance of “The Box,” directed and composed by J. Weeter and D. Foott, at the International Computer Music Conference joint with the 11th Sound and Music Computing Conf., Athens, Greece, September, 2014.
  • C.A.V.E  – Cork Audio Visual Ensemble, “Pop Out,”directed and composed by J. Weeter (composer), at the National Sculpture Factory for the Ann. Sonic Vigil Sound Art Festival, Cork, Ireland, April, 2014.
  • C.A.V.E  – Cork Audio Visual Ensemble, performance of “The Box,” directed and composed by J. Weeter and D. Foott, FUAIM Futures: Electronic Music club, at the Half Moon Theatre, Cork, Ireland, 21st March, 2014.

Afternoon Walk (2013)

“Sound is the vocabulary of nature” – Pierre Schaeffer

Included in the selection of works from Hilltown New Music Festival 2013 Call for works. This was an open call for artists, composers and musicians to send a short audio work that responds, in some way, to the above quote.

Afternoon Walk is a musical accompaniment to the poem of the same title. The music and poem explore the role of non-determinate sounds in nature, the occurrence and resignation to fate that often transpires within the most natural of sounds and those that display a random nature that have in fact some formalism of structure. Although the generation of sounds combined here are electronic and man made, their initialisation ultimately transpires from incidents taking place in the natural world.

[Static sounds are derived from naturally occurring background radiation left over from the big bang and the seemingly random sound swellings are based upon a Fibonacci sequence that can be observed occurring in many natural phenomenon]

  • G. W. Young and J. C. O’Sullivan, “Afternoon Walk,” at the Hilltown New Music Festival, Herds Lounge Listening Room, Hilltown, Ireland, 2013. (2013)

DigitalPoe was a collaborative project supporting the hypertextual reproduction of the works of Nineteenth-Century American author, Edgar Allan Poe. It was created as a tool of dissemination and reference. It was hoped that by offering a complete catalogue of works, bibliographic information, a collection of images, and other resources, the site would contribute to scholarship, teaching and learning.