Paul O’Donnell’s Jazz World Ensemble.

I am pleased to announce that Paul O’Donnell‘s Jazz World Ensemble will be releasing a new album called “Thin Lines” at the Cork Jazz Festival 2017. A short demo of what’s on the album is available on SoundCloud here and you can catch the ensemble live in Cork (Ireland) on the following dates…

The Granary Theatre Cork – Friday October 27th @ 1.10 pm.
The Metropole Hotel (MacCurtain Street) – Friday October 27th @ 9.45 pm.
The Metropole Hotel (MacCurtain Street) – Saturday October 28th @ 3.00 pm.

You can also check out the first album we worked on together here.

Who’s on the new Thin Lines album?

Paul O’Donnell (Ireland) – Keyboard.
Niwel Tsumbu (DR Congo) – Guitar and Percussion.
Eamonn Cagney (Ireland) – Percussion.
Peter Erdei (Hungary) – Bass.
Tomas Gall (Slovakia) – Drum Kit.
Nick Roth (Ireland) – Soprano and Alto Sax.
Claudia Schwab (Austria) – Fiddle.
Matthias Schriefl (Germany) – Trumpet.
Dora Gola (Poland) – Vocals.

All compositions by Paul O’Donnell.
Recorded at the Western Gateway Building, UCC, on November 30th, 2016.
Engineered and mastered By Dr. Gareth W. Young.
Mixed, edited, and produced by Dr. Gareth W. Young and Paul O’Donnell.


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