Blog Posts for the Building City Dashboards Project at NUIM, Maynooth.

I’ve recently published two blog posts (here) for the Building City Dashboards Project at the National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG), Maynooth University.

On the road to addressing the interaction problems that city dashboard projects are currently facing, I have attended a couple of conferences and written about how these interdisciplinary subjects can be called upon to assist the project. The aim of my role is to create effective multimodal platform analytics; to explore optimal data representations for different devices and platforms; to develop augmented reality and other alternative data presentations; and to improve user experience and social interaction with data.
Follow @dashbuild for more updates about the BCD Project:

“The Building city dashboards (BCD) project seeks to determine how to build more extensive and effective city dashboards. It aims to develop new tools that extend beyond data visualisation tools to provide robust data analysis and decision support frameworks that can be used by experts and citizens alike.”


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