New Recording from Paul O’Donnell

Very pleased to have worked with Paul O’Donnell and Tadgh Kelleher at the Western Gateway Building Studio UCC last year. The CDs and digital copies will be available very soon, watch this space!

Paul O’Donnell’s Jazz World Ensemble (a sample of what’s on the new album).

Paul O’Donnell – Keyboard/Acoustic Piano
Niwel Tsumbu – Guitars
Eamonn Cagney – Percussion
Peter Erdie – Bass
Shane O’Donovan – Drums

Nick Roth – Soprano/Alto Sax
Claudia Schwab – Violin

All compositions by Paul O’Donnell
Engineered, mixed, and edited by Tadgh Kelleher and Gareth Young at the Western Gateway Building, UCC, November 2014 and February 2015.

Mastered by Tadgh Kelleher.
Produced by Paul O’Donnell.
Executive Producers: Tadgh Kelleher, Gareth Young, and Paul O’Donnell.
Graphic Design by Brian O’Shaughnessy.


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