IDEAS Meeting, June 2015

I will be presenting at the next IDEAS meeting at UCC on the 12th June, 2015.

See you there…

G. W. Young, “Vibrotactile Feedback in Digital Musical Instrument Design,” at the IDEAS Group meeting, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, June 12, 2015.


Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs) present musicians with performance issues that are unique to the genre of computer music. One of the most significant deviations from conventional acoustic instruments is the level of physical feedback returned via DMIs to users. Currently, computer interfaces for musical expression are not enabled to be as physically communicative as acoustic instruments. Specifically, DMIs lack the ability to impart important performance information relating to the current state of the device to the user. In my research, it is argued that the level of haptic feedback presented can significantly affect the user’s overall rating of a DMI. In this session we will discuss my research findings to date and explore HCI inspired device evaluation methodologies that can potentially be applied in a musical contexts.

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