40th International Computer Music Conference
joint with the
11th Sound and Music Computing conference
Music Technology Meets Philosophy:
From digital echos to virtual ethos
ICMC | SMC |2014
14-20 September 2014, Athens, Greece

Jeffrey Weeter, Derek Foott
The Box multimedia performance 15′
is a multimedia performance utilizing a newly designed interface. The
source material for the performance derives from an old bottling plant,
now used as a storage facility. In this space, cameras and audio recorders
were used to sample the slowly disintegrating source material consisting of
generators, animal cages, outdated technology, office furniture, sinks and a
few other surprises. “The Box” seeks to breathe new life into these objects.
On stage the performers will be using a newly made performance controller
to interact with the audio-visual source materials. Each of the performers
will perform with a wooden box equipped with buttons, thermistors,
photoresistors and infrared motion controllers. In this box, the source
material will be manipulated by the hands of the performer, creating a
striking visual representation of how we creatively handle objects. All of the
controllers are part of a network of control information used for real time
processing/performance of audio and video.

Jeffrey Weeter: From Cork, Ireland, CAVE is University College Cork,
School of Music and Theatre’s newest performance ensemble. Cork
Audio Visual Ensemble is a technology-based group consisting of 7
students under the direction of Jeffrey Weeter and Derek Foott
working to explore the musicality of technology through
performance and computer processing. The CAVE performers are
Jason Shannon, Eric Browne, Sara Wentworth, Gareth Young,
Flannery Cunningham, Morgan D’Arcy and Eamon Ivri.


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