Cosina Hi-Lite


After bumping into a gent who was clicking off a few shots with his early 80’s Olympus 35mm, I was intrigued to go find a vintage camera to play with. On the same weekend I noticed that my friend had an old Japanese Cosina Hi-Lite sitting nicely on his bookshelf. The lens was a bit sticky and the viewfinder was blurry, but it was just what I was looking for. With very little convincing, my friend said I could take a lend.



The lens was gunked up with sand and rocks, but cleaned up nicely. As for the viewfinder, well it was stained with what I figured to be salt water and it took some scrubbing to get shiny and new again. A simple clean up and the camera is good to go. I’m going to get some film tomorrow and I’ll post some comparison shots between it and my DSLR in the near future.

I wonder how many of you have dusty old cameras that need some tlc?


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